About The Animation

Game Animation

I take a game animation workshop in ianimate to develop this demo in Maya. The Elite Games Workshop includes a series of live talks, demos, reviews, and assignments that are designed to resemble an actual games production pipeline.

In the workshop, I learn the techniques for games animation, which include timing, creating strong body mechanics, posing characters, player reactions, responsiveness of action and more. Also I learn how to create interactive battles, cinematics, staging, and integration with popular game engines such as Unity.

Feature Animation

I take a feature animation workshop in ianimate to develop this demo in Maya. In the workshop, I learn the 12 principles of Animation, Path of Actions, CG planning process, fundamental body mechanics, overlapping actions, acting and lip sync.

Also I learn how to improve the overall believability and appeal by choosing sincere acting choices.


Mermaid is a collaborate CG animation project. I am responsible for shark and Medusa's animations. I spent half a year to collect reference for the shark' animations. During this process, I learned how to animate the shark's performance to make it more believable in the water. Although it was not perfect, compared to the pevious animations, the final piece did improve a lot.

I work with amazing riggers and concept artists to develope Medusa's snakes animations.

Chronos Ruler

Chronos Ruler is a comic animation project created by Monster HZ. Chronos Ruler is a Chinese manhua series written and illustrated by Jea Pon. The story centers on "Chronos Rulers," those who fight the time-eating demons that appear when people wish they could turn back time.

The Chronos Rulers fight a time-manipulation battle against these demons. I am responsible for 2D animation, lip-synching, VFX and sound effects in this project.

Hometown VR App

Hometown is a vr app that lets users experience local cultures and festivals. I developed this concept video when I was taking visual design class in school. Also later I develop the whole vr app in unity.

The goal is to create an online platform for tourism and people who want to share their hometown information. The benefit is to let visitors experience food and places remotely. It also helps people who are longing to visit other hometowns understand the culture better.